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Welcome to the Collaborative Piano site for VISI. There are two options for Collaborative Piano Studies at VISI. We strongly recommend Option One as the most comprehensive opportunity for the full range of courses and experiences, and maximum access to our array of renowned pianists, singers, and scholars. However, if you are not able to attend our full program,  or would like to concentrate on a smaller range of activities, you may wish to create a customized VISI visit to suit your schedule and needs. Please read the Option Two section carefully to apprise yourself of its framework and limitations on access to faculty and activities.


A dedicated course of studies for Collaborative Pianists is merged as a specialized component to the Theatre of Art Song (TAS)  program.  Pianists participate in all aspects of the TAS program, which includes lectures in poetic analysis, dramatic recitation, and theatrical staging, coaching and Masterclasses and Lectures classes with assigned vocal/piano student partnerships, and public performances.

Please click here to see the full description of the Theatre of Art Song program for all singers and pianists.


Within the daily schedule of classes for TAS, there will be classes and coaching specifically designed to address aspects of pianists’ craft,  focusing on the unique skills of the art and profession such as coaching techniques, drama, diction, and techniques of collaboration.

  • Pianists will also partner with Faculty singers in coaching and concerts, and will be coached by internationally renowned collaborative pianists on the interpretation of the piano parts of the songs and on collaborative issues.

  • Please see our Faculty page for bios of all our artists. All Participants will have opportunity to be coached by all visiting artist faculty.

  • Professor CAMERON STOWE (New England Conservatory, Juilliard)  will be teaching and Professor KEN GRIFFITHS  (Cincinnati Conservatory)  will visit for several days within that period. The entire Faculty  of renowned VISI pianists  will be accessible for the duration of the course for classes and private coaching Additional private coaching sessions in addition to the assigned schedule are generally available by request at the discretion of the individual faculty. Sign-up sheets for extra coaching are posted daily by most of the faculty.

  • Our teaching and interpretive philosophy is founded on the notion of a partnership of equals, and our program assists singers and pianists in developing skills for dynamically creative collaboration. In addition to the classes for pianists, VISI will offer some classes on collaborative rehearsal skills for vocal-piano duos. These will be conducted by faculty artists as well as experts in collaborative dialogue.


If the full calendar of study is not feasible for your schedule, VISI can accommodate a small number of pianists for customized studies throughout the program. The studies would include partnerships with faculty singers,  private coaching with piano faculty, and auditing of all classes at your personal discretion, depending on the availability of the visiting faculty. You may also come with your own vocal partner for special studies in partnership and interpretation.

Please note that our faculty are not all in residence for the full dates of VISI, and will have limited time for extra teaching.  This Option is only recommended if you have limited time for your VISI experience, since there may be limited space and access to faculty. If you have an interest in working with a specific artist you must ascertain their VISI dates and availability in consultation with VISI’s Artistic Director, Prof. Rena Sharon. Fees will be determined on the range of your activities and duration of stay. Please contact us for inquiries.

SONGFIRE Theatre Apprentice Program - June 4-25

VISI 2011 announces the launch of an Art Song Theatre program for advanced Art Song singers and pianists with a background in Opera and/or Theatre. The program will be production-based, leading to a performance on June 24/25. Daily classes will include Art Song Theatre techniques in Staging, Improvisation, Devising, Script-writing; private coachings with renowned faculty artists, masterclasses and lectures on merged with the entire VISI group of participants from all programs.

Song Scholarship and Performance - June 4-18

If you are an Art Song artist who loves doing deep research as part of your interpretative preparation, this will be an unforgettable experience of inspired colLabs. Share ideas and performance with great Song Musicologists, Theorists, Humanities Scholars, and Performance Artists. The program, directed by Dr. Benjamin Binder, Musicologist and Collaborative Pianist from Duquesne University, will give you access to coachings from Professors Cameron Stowe, Margo Garrett, Kenneth Griffiths, interpretation sessions with the Scholarly team, daily seminar-style discussions and presentations about the interaction of scholarship and performance, and masterclass/lectures with the whole VISI group of participants. You will perform in duos with singers participating in the program. The focus of the repertoire for this course is Schubert. Please click on the Scholarship site for more detailed information.

Immersion in French Mélodie - June 16-25

VISI 2011 is honored to launch a course in French repertoire for singers and pianists with a remarkable team of immensely knowledgeable experts in song, style, and sensibility.

We strongly recommend that you attend as a duo teams. You may join this course as an add-on to the Scholarship course ( date overlap can be accommodated) or you can register for this course as a single program. Please note that participants in the Theatre of Art Song and the SONGFIRE Apprentice program will also have access to coachings with this faculty as part of your integrated program.

Arts of Conscience - June 13-18

A week of ideas about ways of helping our planet through your work as an artist. If you are enrolled in any of the full-length courses ( Theatre of Song/Collaborative PIano Studies, SONGFIRE, Song Scholarship an Performance) you will have access to this series of lectures and workshops as part of your integrated program. If you are interested in this course independently, please note that it is not performance-oriented, however you may arrange private coachings with some of our Faculty artists as available.


Once your application has been approved, please pay tuition fees below.

Mail Payment

For registrants who wish to pay their fees by mail, a cheque or money order in Canadian funds can be sent to:
Vancouver International Song Institute
P.O. Box 71015
Vancouver, BC V6N 4J9

Online Payment

Please pay now to guarantee your seat.

Tuition: $1200 + tax

In the event of a cancellation, a full refund will be granted for cancellations up to 2 weeks prior to the Institute. Should the need to cancel arise less than 2 weeks prior to the event, a 50% refund will be granted. For immediate inquiries please click here to contact us.

Since demand is high, we ask that students requesting scholarships and other payment adjustments should attach a note to their application form with a statement indicating their financial circumstances. There are a limited number of work-study partial grants as well.

For students with alternate payment options please go to the INCREMENTAL PAYMENT page.

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