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VISI 2011


June 4-25, 2011



Pour francophones intéressés

SONG: As ancient as our species, Song is the expressive archive of our personal, societal, and global experience. From lullabies to laudations, in rituals and celebrations, spanning generations and cultures - our fusions of poetry and music transport the storied legacy of our collective journey across millennia.

VISI is a gathering place to learn, commune, and celebrate our  "sung history",  with a primary focus on the Art Song repertoire. Singers, Pianists, Composers, Poets, Musicologists, Theorists, Teachers, Performance Researchers, Actors, Directors, Scholars, Artists in Diverse Media, Choral Singers, Listeners - VISI is a haven for  research and new experimentation at the horizons of Art Song performance practice, through intensive training and colLabs with internationally-renowned experts.

The  emergent properties of innovative practice depend on inspired colLabs. Performers explore expressive boundaries, scholars consider new research interactions, poets and composers discuss word/music fusions, teachers discuss mentoring means, lifetime learners and listeners converge for a banquet of ideas and artistic discovery. 

Choose the program that fits your career or learning path and enjoy the interdisciplinary events that weave all the strands together: 

Theatre of Art Song/Collaborative Piano Studies•SONGFIRE Theatre Apprentice Program • Interdisciplinary Song Scholarship and Performance•Poetry/Composition/Performance Collaboration•Music Cognition studies•Arts of Conscience Global Song Traditions•Music Therapy•Choral Song•Vocal Improvisation•ArtSong Learning Circle


OUR 2011 PROGRAMS run at different times between  JUNE 4-25, 2011. Some detailed information about individual programs is already posted, and more will be added throughout the coming months. PLEASE ADDRESS ALL SPECIFIC INQUIRIES TO: info@songinstitute.ca 

Theatre of Art Song/Collaborative Piano Studies • June 4-25
Singers and Pianists

"VISI integrates the creative music-making process with literary, physical, philosophical, and even scientific approaches, and is an ideal program for any curious and passionate singers and pianists. The expertise of the world-renowned faculty, the friendly and supportive atmosphere, and beautiful Vancouver all encouraged me for further artistic endeavors."

VISI offers an intensive program for singers and pianists in the interpretation and performance of Art Song, combining traditional approaches to recital preparation with diverse explorations of innovative performance practice. The course includes private coaching, small group classes and public Masterclasses, studies in dramatic diction and poetic recitation, extensive exploration in staging and improvisational theatre, daily Workshops and Lectures in music history, poetry, philosophy, translation, performance psychology, and cultural studies, and many performance opportunities.  (more)
Collaborative Piano Studies is a component of the Theatre of Art Song Program. A program of daily studies dedicated to the special skills of the collaborative pianist’s craft is woven into the 3 weeks of diverse activities in voice/piano partnerships. Collaborate with Faculty singers, study  with faculty pianists, work in duos with VISI participants and study collaborative dynamics with facilitators from mediation fields. A weekend retreat for Collaborative professionals and students will include discussion of topics specific to the profession. (more)

Collaborative Studies Weekend • June 10-12

A weekend retreat for Collaborative professionals and students and their partners will include discussion of topics specific to the profession. (more)

SONGFIRE Theatre Apprenticeship Program • June 4-25
Singers, Pianists, Actors, Writers

VISI announces its SONGFIRE Theatre Apprenticeship Program for Singers and Pianists with advanced degrees or training in Voice, Piano, or Collaborative Piano, and extensive training in Art Song and one or more fields including Opera, Music Theatre, Theatre, and Creative Writing. A maximum of 12 singers and 4 pianists will be accepted to this 3-week program leading to a full production. Actors and playwrights may also apply.

The Theatre of Art Song breaks new ground in the presentation of Art Song, bringing the highest standards of artistic integrity to the creation of a new canon of multi-media works for the SONGFIRE Theatre and Film. (more)

Interdisciplinary Song Scholarship and Performance • June 4-18
Graduate Student Musicologists, Music Theorists, Singers, and Pianists

"An entirely unique environment for deep, sustained and sustaining conversations about song and about ways of understanding it.  My expectations were exceeded along every boundary - VISI is nothing short of a new model for exploration in the arts."

A barrier-breaking collaborative course combining intensive historical and analytical study of art song repertoire with performance studies in an interactive setting for scholars, performers, and scholar-performers! If you are a scholar interested in developing research that might be useful to art song interpreters, or a performer who loves to research your songs in the preparation process, this is the course for you!   Discover and share ideas at lectures, master classes, seminar workshops, private co zed mentoring sessions, and in concert performance. (more)

French Mélodie Immersion • June 16-25
Singers and Pianists

"Votre âme est une paysage choisi" - Paul Verlaine

Visit the VISI paysage for 10 days of masterclasses, diction, dramatic recitation, poetry analysis and cultural history. Learn from the great experts with a direct lineage from Pierre Bernac and the essence of French style and gesture, in a bilingual environment that allows deep study with maximum comprehension for non-French-speaking, and a welcome ambiance for French-language students. (more)

Arts of Conscience • June 13-18
Classical Music Students and Emerging Professionals

"Our world does not need more soldiers, it needs more artists" - Senator Roméo Dallaire

A contemplative retreat for 21st Century classical artists interested in community and global service. Presentations and explorations in Music Therapy, Cultural Diplomacy, Arts in Conflict Prevention, Global Song Traditions. Join us for a week of studies in which the questions of our relevance as artists in the world are answered through an exploration of meaningful directions of practice. 
Students participating in the Theatre of Art Song/Collaborative Piano Studies may participate in this course as part of their program. (more)

Pedagogy of Art Song

"I feel inspired enlightened, reinvigorated, encouraged with a new sense of belonging, and I return to my teaching with new ideas and renewed passion."

Join the VISI experience with a self-designed program of lectures and classes to explore innovative pedagogy in Art Song Interpretation and Practices.  Engage Art Song through its Poetry, Philosophy, History, Dramatic Recitation, Musicology, Psychology, as well as the traditional challenges of technical and style, and join the exploration of innovative new practices. (more)

SONG STUDIES FOR EVERYONE: Global Song, Choral Song, Music Therapy, Vocal Improvisation, Lectures and Art Song Learning Circle

For those who would like to learn more about the power of Song -  Experience singing styles from around the planet,  or learn about realms of poetry, philosophy, therapeutic practices, and Art Song performance at our daily lectures and classes, all open to the public.  (more)

Art Song Lab - POETS, COMPOSERS, PERFORMERS  at the Canadian Music Centre

"A tremendous event  - the wide-ranging events were fantastic and provided a unique perspective. Some of the best performances of Canadian Song I have heard."

In collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre, VISI hosts a workshop for creative artists interested in the collaborative process of Art Song poetry/music fusion, interpretation, and performance. Seize this opportunity to submit works for performance by VISI faculty, and to participate in dialogue with distinguished composers, poets, translators, and performers about the inherent challenges of interpretive practice and performance of new song. (more)

SONGFIRE Festival of Song

VISI joins forces for a month-long Festival featuring some of Vancouver’s great music collectives in diverse Song performances at venues across Vancouver including UBC, SFU, The Silk Purse, Bard on the Beach, the Cultch and St. Andrew’s Wesley, and others.  SONGFIRE lights the fuse for a month of stunning, passionate, soaring SONG! (more)

VISI Faculty

The distinguished VISI Faculty of Artists, Scholars, and Researchers join us from across North America and Europe. The principal faculty names and bios are now posted, and our complete roster of  presenters and facilitators will be online by March.  (more)

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