Partners and Support

Partners and Support

UBC Faculty of Arts, School of Music Hosting partners

UBC Music


Tom Lee Music
Heatlh Arts Society
Accent Inns
British Columbia Arts Council


Elizabeth & Michel Sorel Charitable Organization Inc.

The Elizabeth & Michel Sorel Charitable Organization Inc., established in 1996 by their daughter, Claudette Sorel, is a 501(c)(3) private foundation. Ms. Sorel was a child piano prodigy. She is the youngest graduate of The Juilliard School completing her degree at age 9. Our mission is to keep musical excellence alive and to help stretch the boundaries for women in music.

Foundation Donors

Deux Mille Foundation
Martha Lou Henley Charitable Foundation
Tweedledum Foundation
Hamber Foundation

Academic Partners

University of Manitoba
Vanderbilt University

Individual Donors

Song Institute Benefactor
Marnie Carter
Drs. W.D. and B. A. Forbes
Rena Sharon
Edward A & Ingrid Suderman
Song Institute Patron
Lloyd Burritt
Grace Chan
Maurice and Tama Copithorne
Alison D’Amato
Reet Kana
Laura Loewen
Lynne McMurtry
Sharon McMurtry
Jocelyn Pritchard
Song Institute Partner
Elaine Drysdale
Bert Forman
Keith Switzer
Song Institute Associate
Elinor Chambers
Margo Garrett
Douglas Mcaulay
Song Institute Contributor
Jane Adams &  Andreas Poulsson
Anne & Joe Baird
Ann Bosch
Andrew Brown
William & Sandra Bruneau
Catherine Bundt
Dr. Lawrence & Maggie Burr
Toni & Hildegard Cavelti
T Chan
Hilary Clark
David Conclin &  Paul Stein
Debra Croft & Grant Cowan
Rosemary Cunningham
Jean Ethridge & David Nordstrom
Jamie Evrard
Mary Fox
Rodney & Kathleen Glynn-Morris
Susie and Mylo Gray
Mike Green
Lois Grierson
Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell
Pat Hancock
Mark Hand
Helen Hansen
Tyson Holmes
Darlene Holmes & Herbert Horn
Margaret Huber
Katherine Hume & Carl Montgomery
Cybele Ironside
Mira Keyes
Claude Ledoux & Adrian Michielsen
Barb Linkletter
Nancy M. Macdonald
Joan Mann
Jacqueline McTavish
Nancy & Peter Mortifee
Hugh Murray
Lynne Northfield
June O’Conner
Miriam Olney
Polly Parrott
Patricia Sereno
George & Violet Sexsmith
Lorna Olsen Sheane
Tony & Shirley Shebbeare
Carole Anne Soong
Herb Storm
Robert & Cynthia Sunter
Ruth Tubbesing
Ingrid Verseveldt
Gillian Wilder & Lesley Godwin
David Walsh
Tara Wohlberg

In-Kind Sponsors

Charles Barber – City Opera Vancouver
Dunbar Heights United Church
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