Pedagogy of Art Song


Pedagogy of Art Song
Teachers of Voice and Collaborative Piano

To teach song is to engage Poetry, Philosophy, History, Dramatic Recitation, Musicology, Psychology, as well as the traditional challenges of technical and stage craft. Join the VISI experience and enjoy an array of lecturers and artists share ideas and inspirations, concerts and conversation about Art Song Interpretation, Scholarship, and Performance Practices.

You are a welcome participant in our discussions, and may elect to enroll as an auditor for any of our Programs. Fees are kept low, while inspiration is kept high. Please check our array of programs to select your dates, or wait until May to select individual lectures and masterclasses from our posted Daily Schedule. Our faculty roster is posted. Please note, however, that most do not stay for the entire 3 weeks. If you are interested in meeting specific faculty, please write to our info-site to request their VISI dates.

VISI offers an array of programs to suit diverse interests. However,many of them run concurrently and you are welcome to attend sessions in any or all of them at your discretion. Design your own VISI vacation and join the Art Song Party! 

We are delighted to announce the launch of several new programs in 2011: SONGFIRE Theatre Apprenticeship, Song Scholarship and Performance, Arts of Conscience, and French Mélodie Immersion. Please visit those site pages for more information on those programs. We will also host a weekend symposium on Collaboration, featuring topics of interests for pianists and their vocal partners!


VISI is a banquet for the mind,  heart and imagination, a meeting place to consider and offer new tools for your continuing work. The open atmosphere encourages conversation among all faculty and participants, offering many opportunities for in-depth discussion with your colleagues.

The complete schedule of events includes auditing of Masterclasses and Lectures classes with visiting artists, exploration and discussion of the pedagogy and philosophy of theatre elements in Art Song, and  as will sessions creative collaborative partnership skills. Teachers are welcome to AUDIT ALL SESSIONS THROUGHOUT THE VISI PROGRAM to suit personal schedules and interests.

“I can think of no finer approach than the Vancouver International Song Institute’s for achieving the kind of real understanding and experience needed by performers, teachers, musicologists and listeners alike.”
Margo Garrett

Tuition Fee Schedule:

Daily drop-in: $10 morning, $20 afternoon. The drop-in rate does not include concerts ($20 each) or the dinner ($35). 

Mail Payment

For registrants who wish to pay their fees by mail, a cheque or money order in Canadian funds can be sent to:

Vancouver International Song Institute
P.O. Box 71015
Vancouver, BC V6N 4J9

Online Tuition Payment: Pedagogy of Art Song

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Once your application has been approved, please pay tuition fees below.

Tuition $250

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