Studies for Everyone


Symposia: Song Study for EveryoneVISI

Song builds bridges between cultures and communities. Attend our diverse programs and events throughout VISI.

“Attending VISI has transformed me. My experiences at this unique forum for learning enabled me to feel more deeply the centrality of art to the human experience.”

Music Therapy and Kids: 10 Big Ideas for Little People: VISI hosts the 2nd Symposia: Diverse Workshops and Studies by the Music Therapy Association of BC. All are welcome! Visit the Music Therapy Association of BC for additional information and registration.


Cognition and Neuroscience: Research studies will take place throughout VISI. If you are interested in observing, please contact us for information.


World Harmony Singing: Learn to sing music of many cultures with facilitator Karla Mundy – three different workshops to explore harmony, rhythm and world vocal traditions. Prior musical training is NOT required.


Vocal Improvisation: Improviser and vocalist Viviane Houle offers a workshop for artists from the community, VISI visitors and Participants. This workshop is for anyone who is curious about the full expressive possibilities of the voice.


Choral Adventure and Celebration of Samuel Barber’s Music: Art Song Goes Choral This workshop, led by Kevin Zakresky, will expose amateur singers to the choral works of Samuel Barber in a way that focuses on interpreting texts as a group.