VISICHOR Workshops


VISICHOR Workshops with Kevin Zakresky, Assistant Conductor of Chor Leoni

Level 1
French Connection: Folksongs of Haiti and Canada

Join us for a cultural excursion to Haiti and Quebec: folk tunes, language, poetry, history – the things that make us distinct yet bring us together.  We will discuss folk poetry, performance practice, dialects and pronunciation as well as the social and cultural contexts that fostered the art forms of colonial Haiti and New France (Canada). 

Participants will help make new arrangements of folksongs and be given the chance to present their creations in a VISI Concert at the end of the week.  No singing or musical experience are necessary to attend this symposium.

Level 2
Top 40 Chansons: French Partsongs of the Renaissance

Want to know what was on Catherine de Medici’s playlist?  Check out this performance class on the party songs of 16th Century France.  Janequin, Gombert, Le Jeune, De Sermissy: these guys wrote the hottest songs of the time.  We’ll sing through many of their greatest hits and then look at the cultural context for these songs – where they were sung and for what occasions.  Finally, the symposium will culminate in the recreation of a French Renaissance party – lavish, sumptuous, sinfully decadent.  Top 40 Chansons is open to amateur singers or professional musicians who have some choral experience and who are able to sight-read moderate to difficult choral music.